08 Apr

Tips for Marketing Your Locksmith Business

In my time working with numerous locksmiths, I have been requested numerous times for the tips that lead to marketing success for locksmiths. The have been so many such requests that I decided an article would be the best way to put the issue to rest.

In order to understand these tips, you need to understand why locksmith marketing is a marketing niche that is worth specializing in.

The customer that will approach a locksmith usually has a problem that requires an immediate solution. For instance, if someone is locked out at night, they want to be able to go in and sleep. With the recent hard economic times, they might sleep at a friend’s house to avoid late night charges. However, the will still need a locksmith in the morning.

This means that customers will always need you as soon as you can get there. This is simply amazing!

The key tips to watch out for include:

Define a target market that is within reach. If you sell your service to a place that is about three hours away, you will have wasted money. They will just choose a service that is nearer to them.

Avoid talking about yourself in a marketing campaign to appeal to customers. For instance, some locksmiths will talk about how they enlist the entire family to run the business. This will not work for locksmiths. Talk about how well you can help the customer. This means avoiding words like “We”.

Ensure that the customers fully understand how fast you can get to them. This is done by targeting people within the right area. You typically want to target customers who are within an hour’s drive or less

Make yourself unique. Highlight a special skill that sets you apart from the crowd. For instance, talk about how you can open the lock without damaging the door. You can also highlight your ability to use shortcuts to get to the destination faster. Whatever it is, highlight it and use it to charge higher than other locksmiths charge

Use your customers in your campaign. After every job, make sure that they receive your full contacts and request them to share them with their friends. This is tantamount to getting free advertising. Give your business cards to satisfied customers and request them to distribute them to their friends

Have a unique website. However, avoid stuffing it with text. You should also optimize it for use with mobile phones. This is the most likely device customers will good for a locksmith especially in emergencies

Ensure that your website is optimized for search engines. This will ensure that customers can see it when they search for your services online. Add maps to your site so that customers know where you are located

Form close relationships with other businesses in your area. For instance, security firms and real estate agents should have your contacts. Ensure that you refer people to them too. This will form a partnership that will see more business come your way

Utilize social media well. However, avoid being too much in people’s faces. Minimize your interactions with potential clients or they may decide to block you. Always ensure that you use social networks to highlight your service. In addition, ensure you provide your contact information.

This is a guarantee…

Focus on these key areas highlighted here. You will have a great year for your business. Enforce these tips before enlisting other tricks.

19 Mar

Global Robot Conventions and Fairs to Attend

Attendees excited about robots

There will be many international events on robotics this year. It is essential that one choose an event that is relevant to their field. Attending these events is crucial to sharing information on how to improving robots.


This is one of the greatest robotics conferences in the world. It will take place between April 6th and 8th. The event always attracts a huge international audience. It is a great opportunity for scholars to share ideas on how to use the robotics technology for a better tomorrow. This event has been crucial to the sharing of knowledge on how to improve robots. The event takes place in Iran. Early booking is essential.

Automation & Robotics EXPO 2016

The event takes place over three days starting on May 23. Top companies from around the world use the event to display cutting robotics research. Over these three days, people involved in researching industrial robotics have a great time. They get to learn what the latest innovations are and how they will change the world. This is a necessary event for people who want to improve the robotics systems in the production plants.

Unmanned Global Systems 2016

This European event hopes to bring the top robotics researchers in the world together. Over the course of five days, participants learn about systems that are making it easier to do business. This top event attracts the finest minds in robotics. In addition, it might be a good opportunity to get funding for robotics research. The event will take place from June 13 in Paris, France.

Manufacturing Solutions Expo (MSE) 2016

This is a top event for manufacturers. It works to bring the most efficient innovations in manufacturing at one event. Participants get a chance to display the best that they can do. This is a great place for a business to find innovative solutions for their factory. It is also a great place for innovators to show the world their latest gadgets. Missing this event could prove disastrous for any manufacturer. This event will take place from October 12 to October 14, 2016.

Robot Exhibition 2015

Robot World 2016

This is the premier robotics event in Korea. At the event, people get to participate in competitions and exhibit their robots. The competition mainly tests for how well the programming works. It is not a test of brute strength. There is also a conference where participants can share ideas. They discuss recent developments in robotics and make proposals. Attending this event would be quite useful especially for a researcher. The event will begin on October 24 and end on October 31.

Automation St. Petersburg 2016

This is another great event on automation in Europe. It is a great place for the captains of industry to meet and share information. This is a good place for those seeking to automate production facilities. It will definitely play a huge role in automation in the future.

These are some of the best events this year on robotics. It will be worth visiting at least one of these events. One will come out better and wiser. However, one has to make bookings early to ensure a comfortable stay.

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20 Jan

Customer Profile: Marketing Better Smoking Pipes with 3D Printing

Smoking device manufacturing is changing

Over the past few years, marijuana has become legal in more states. As it continues to expand, this industry has attracted more players. Some of these have been experts of 3D printing. Buying a traditional smoking pipe can be quite expensive. Furthermore, it takes a lot of time to design a custom-made one.

3D Printed Pipes

Already, there are companies that offer users the option to choose a pipe and have it printed and delivered to them. There is also the option to have the pipe printed and delivered in pieces for you to assemble it at home. 3D printed pipes can also be highly customized. This means you can get any design of smoking you want to suit your particular lifestyle.


The only issue that may have arisen is how safe it is to use a pipe made from plastic material. However, this claim has been quickly dismissed. For one, the material used in 3D printing requires a very high temperature to change form. It is highly unlikely that the heat of a smoking pipe could change its form in any way.

More Precision

Customized smoking pipes may not have been possible a few years back. That meant that manufacturers were the one who would determine the shape and dimensions of the pipe. However, 3D printing ensures that you get a pipe that fits snugly in your fingers. The contribution of 3D printing to increased comfort should be lauded. You’ll likely never see this listed as a benefit on a particular 3d printer review. Hah!


It is quite clear that 3D printing will continue to play an increasing role in all assets of our lives. This presents an opportunity for wealth creation that is unprecedented in history. If you have a desire to start a small project at home, you should definitely consider 3D printing smoking pipes at home. Overall, starting such a project requires little effort and is sustainable in the long-run.

20 Jan

Intro to the web

Introduction to the Web
The Internet
Web Pages
Web Sites
Location of your web site
Domain names
HERE to Select a Background for your Web Page
You never know what you don’t know.This said, let’s define some common terms and begin to describe the internet, web pages and web sites.

The Internet:
The internet may be thought of as an electronic, worldwide billboard — and more! It is interactive; unlike billboards, you can purchase products and services via the internet. Like a billboard, the internet has room to display many products and services. These products and services are contained in web pages.

Web Pages:
A web page consists of images, words and other elements that describe the products and services being offered to the international marketplace. Like a billboard, or any advertising piece, each web page should have a clearly defined purpose and should convey this reason for existence to its intended audience. Each page should not waste the reader’s time. It should load quickly; otherwise, many web surfers will be gone before all the neat stuff gets loaded into the browser. A collection of web pagesmakes up a web site. (Although a web site may consist of a single web page.)

Web Sites:
A collection of a single, or multiple, web pages constitutes a web site. Web sites may contain a wide variety of standard types of web pages — feedback forms, bulletin boards, guest books, e-commerce order forms — or just standard images and words. A web site typically answers all the common questions a consumer may have about your product or services. Good sites offer a compelling reason to purchase — today. Or, a web site can provide public service, or other, information. In either case, in order to be effective a prospective client has to find your web site before they can take advantage of its offerings.
Location of your web site:
Where your web site is located is important. No, the physical location of your web site is not important. A memorable name for your site is important.
Next article, we’ll look at domain names and how to decide what to call your site and where to host it.What’s Next?
We’ll look more at How to Build Your Own Web Page in future editions. Why not bookmark this page and check back later?See you then. Good selling!