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Think of your Web Site as any other marketing piece you would produce, with some unique characteristics. It must pay its own way; otherwise, find some better way to spend your marketing dollars to get a better return for them! Like any other piece of literature, it must convey your proper company image. And, your web page contents should be tested, extensively, for response — until you know what works most effectively with your target market.The Mechanics:
Unlike a traditional piece of marketing literature, your web page must LOAD for your target audience to view it! So, the first and most important factor in having a successful web page is it must load very quickly. In future articles, we will get into some specifics; for now, let’s just say your home page should load in 10 to 15 seconds, or less, with a 28.8 KB modem.

The Nitty-Gritty:
Just as in your literature and advertising, the next most
important factor in your web page is its CONTENT. What you say, and how you say it,

matters. Write like you would talk face-to-face with the client and be brief. Remember, your Internet audience has a much reduced attention span. If they don’t find what they like or need, they’re outta your site.Looks:
How your site will look depends not only upon the image you want to convey but also your target audience. If they are under 35 years old, you should design your site differently than if your target market is the boomer, or older, generation. Whatever you do, make it easy to read! Don’t use black backgrounds just because your web designer thinks they look “cool”. Also, you might want to consider how well your page will print. Many people, myself included, print important pieces and read them off-line.

What’s Next?
We’ll look more at How to Build Your Own Web Page in future editions. Why not bookmark this page and check back later? See you then.