20 Jan

Customer Profile: Marketing Better Smoking Pipes with 3D Printing

Smoking device manufacturing is changing

Over the past few years, marijuana has become legal in more states. As it continues to expand, this industry has attracted more players. Some of these have been experts of 3D printing. Buying a traditional smoking pipe can be quite expensive. Furthermore, it takes a lot of time to design a custom-made one.

3D Printed Pipes

Already, there are companies that offer users the option to choose a pipe and have it printed and delivered to them. There is also the option to have the pipe printed and delivered in pieces for you to assemble it at home. 3D printed pipes can also be highly customized. This means you can get any design of smoking you want to suit your particular lifestyle.


The only issue that may have arisen is how safe it is to use a pipe made from plastic material. However, this claim has been quickly dismissed. For one, the material used in 3D printing requires a very high temperature to change form. It is highly unlikely that the heat of a smoking pipe could change its form in any way.

More Precision

Customized smoking pipes may not have been possible a few years back. That meant that manufacturers were the one who would determine the shape and dimensions of the pipe. However, 3D printing ensures that you get a pipe that fits snugly in your fingers. The contribution of 3D printing to increased comfort should be lauded. You’ll likely never see this listed as a benefit on a particular 3d printer review. Hah!


It is quite clear that 3D printing will continue to play an increasing role in all assets of our lives. This presents an opportunity for wealth creation that is unprecedented in history. If you have a desire to start a small project at home, you should definitely consider 3D printing smoking pipes at home. Overall, starting such a project requires little effort and is sustainable in the long-run.

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