20 Jan

Intro to the web

Introduction to the Web
The Internet
Web Pages
Web Sites
Location of your web site
Domain names
HERE to Select a Background for your Web Page
You never know what you don’t know.This said, let’s define some common terms and begin to describe the internet, web pages and web sites.

The Internet:
The internet may be thought of as an electronic, worldwide billboard — and more! It is interactive; unlike billboards, you can purchase products and services via the internet. Like a billboard, the internet has room to display many products and services. These products and services are contained in web pages.

Web Pages:
A web page consists of images, words and other elements that describe the products and services being offered to the international marketplace. Like a billboard, or any advertising piece, each web page should have a clearly defined purpose and should convey this reason for existence to its intended audience. Each page should not waste the reader’s time. It should load quickly; otherwise, many web surfers will be gone before all the neat stuff gets loaded into the browser. A collection of web pagesmakes up a web site. (Although a web site may consist of a single web page.)

Web Sites:
A collection of a single, or multiple, web pages constitutes a web site. Web sites may contain a wide variety of standard types of web pages — feedback forms, bulletin boards, guest books, e-commerce order forms — or just standard images and words. A web site typically answers all the common questions a consumer may have about your product or services. Good sites offer a compelling reason to purchase — today. Or, a web site can provide public service, or other, information. In either case, in order to be effective a prospective client has to find your web site before they can take advantage of its offerings.
Location of your web site:
Where your web site is located is important. No, the physical location of your web site is not important. A memorable name for your site is important.
Next article, we’ll look at domain names and how to decide what to call your site and where to host it.What’s Next?
We’ll look more at How to Build Your Own Web Page in future editions. Why not bookmark this page and check back later?See you then. Good selling!

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